Kurt has been dazzling audiences for over three decades!  As a child, magic has not only been his passion, but his whole life!  The New Jersey native would spend most of his time as a child in his room reading magic books and learning an art form that he would embrace for the rest of his life.  It wasn't long before Kurt had to start performing for close friends and family to show off his new hobby.  Influenced and mentored by some of the best magicians in the world, Kurt embraced an old school, hands-on approach to magic.  Kurt is now considered by his peers as a "Magician's Magician."

Now in his prime as a magician, Kurt has been performing for iconic figures such as Bill Clinton, Paul Newman, Dick Lavet and even The Dalai Lama!  Last year alone, Kurt performed over 400 shows and has no plans to slow down!

Kurt Kritzler is a magician, creator and performer.